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Hi All,

I apologise it's been a long time I know! What can I say, working life is busy!

Anyway, I got my butt in gear and got some christmas cards designed this year, they are Saluki themed and 50% of the profits will be going towards Cancer Research - a disease that not only took my Grandad, but has recently taken it's grip on my dad, though I believe he is winning the battle.

Please visit my site:… to find out more.

Thanks, and take care
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In the absence of time to do any work I've added a new blog post to my site featuring my top favourite/inspiring videos. Go check it out and leave a comment with your thoughts:…
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After a couple of false starts and some frustrating nights trying to figure out why my blog wasn't working I finally think I've fixed it.

This post features the fabulous work of Roger Dean. If you're a fan of Avatar, take a look… his work came long before the movie and I wonder whether James Cameron drew some inspiration from his work.
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My oh my, have I been productive of late!

Not only did I get a new illustration done:…;, but I also wrote a tutorial about it in my blog:…

How long will this productiveness last - I have no idea!

Let me know what you think, and keep an eye on my blog and site for more interesting posts and updates.

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Good morning friends and family and Happy New Year to you all.
I just wanted to wish you all the best for the New Year and thank you for your continued support of my art account. Unfortunately I'm not here as much as I would like nor do I do artwork as much as I'd like but I appreciate your favs and comments and watches.

2009 saw some rough times for me, or maybe I should say one major rough time, but many great times too. And despite the hard times I think I'm better off for them, stronger, wiser and in a better place overall.
And the great times far out weigh the bad times what with landing my dream job right out of college, going to see Coldplay and Joshua Radin with a great group of friends and rounding off the year with having my sister and dad over for christmas - I'd say it's been a pretty awesome year and 2010 looks like it's shaping up to be just as great.

So thank you again for your continued interest in my work and your friendship and I hope 2010 holds all that you wish for.

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Yes, I finally got round to offered my Saluki trophies as prints!! WOOHOO! :strip:
I have uploaded them through Redbubble, as I find their system better than deviantart.
You can see them here:…

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Yes it's that time of year again! And dA are offering all Greetings cards at 30% off! :w00t:

So check it out:… There's plenty of cute, christmassy cards that would be perfect for you - how about supporting an artist instead of Hallmark!
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I finally finished my website!!

What! - I finished something? Impossible!

But yes I did.

I'm still ironing a few unexpected kinks, but it's up and running and featuring most of my work that I think is worthy of my personal site. Next on the docket is SandyPrints portfolio site and Wingit photography. Yup - busy month ahead :D
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So life happened...

I feel like I havn't done any artwork in ages!! So the other night after receiving my copy of Advanced Photoshop and seeing that Ballistic Publishing had just released their latest book featuring the best digital artist's work out there I decided that that is where I want to focus my artistic skills. I plan to get much better at digital painting in photoshop to finally find a way of getting all these images out of my head. After starting a quick rough at the weekend I discovered that it's much like learning to draw all over again, so I've got to be patient.

But that's what I'm planning. Just thought I'd announce my intentions in some way to the universe.
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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to let you all know that I've recently updated my stock account over at :iconjezhawk-stock: with a bunch of images taken at the zoo, you'll find tigers, wolves, jaguars/leopards/panthers and bears when I get round to get. So go over there and get inspired!

Enjoy the holiday weekend my fellow canadians!!
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Hi Everyone,

On Sunday, May 31st, 2009 I will be participating in the Easter Seals Run/Walkathon founded by Joe Persechini.

You can help to make a difference for kids with physical disabilities by pledging me online today, and helping me achieve my fundraising goal!

Easter Seals has made it simple, safe and quick - with a click of your mouse on the link below you can make an online pledge, securely online, by using either your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card.

You also will receive an instant tax receipt for your donation by e-mail.

Click the link below to support me and this great event.…

Your pledge today will support kids with physical disabilities through funding of equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, and communication devices.

Thank you for helping kids with physical disabilities succeed.

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Hi Everyone,

Needless to say I've been flying below the radar recently!

In the last few weeks I've landed a great Graphic Design Job, moved house, almost bought a new car and then wound up buying my aunt's off her instead, had my mum over for a holiday which wound up to be the most stressful 3 weeks of my life this far - though not because of mum being there! Anyway, the dust has somewhat settled now and I'm in a better place now both mentally and physically and very grateful for my family and friends that have helped me through this rough time.

My new job is great so far, I've just completed my first week and have to keep pinching myself so that I remember that I'm finally doing what I spent 4 hard years working towards! It's so nice to look forward to going to work everyday, and work in such a comfortable environment - I still havn't quite gotten over the fact that I have my own desk and a beautiful 30" mac to work on!
So we will see what this following week brings, for the time-being I'm enjoying my first official weekend since becoming gainfully employed :w00t: :boogie:
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Hi guys,

Just a quick note that from now on I'll be updating my blog regularly with my graphic design and illustration. One of the many things I've been meaning to do for a while now. Here's the . Let me know what you think, feel free to comment and subscribe.

Thank you as always for your ongoing support, kind comments and favs.

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I've been keeping a low profile lately due to being on my internship and generally not having time to do anything on here, but a couple of articles have recently been brought to my attention which I recommend you read if you have a chance:……

I totally disagree with dA's stand point on the whole copying issue and I could go on massive rant as to why, but I'm not going to. I am however considering shifting my attention to other art communities that seem to promote a better ethic in regards to issues like this. I have no plans as yet to completely remove my gallery, although I may be removing my prints (something I've been thinking about doing for a long while - as there are better opportunities and options on other sites)

One site I am particularly fond of is which to my absolute joy, seems to uphold a better standard than dA, and is not totally bogged down with Anime and Furries, I don't mean to cause offence to those who appreciate that kind of art, but it's just not my kind of thing. You can find me there:…

I'm sorry to hear that a number of great artists whose work I've been following on here are leaving because of this complete lack of respect from dA, and they will be sorely missed - but I'm not bound to this site, and although it's done so much for my artwork and my appreciation of art in general I may be inclined to move to better places if needs be.

**There's an interesting journal here - that voices in a much more concise way, that mirrors my own feelings about this article…

Please feel free to tell me what you think about these news articles
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Just a little feature:

Snow Squirrel by tidesend :thumb109993815: Who's the rockstar? by Staged :thumb87283652: Love by EbruSidar IceFlowers by DigitallSky

An Oak Shaped Hole in the Sky by puimun The Vivid Gastropoda by frecklefaced29 kesame commissions - esk by luve Unicorn Blooms by feanne :thumb83084865:
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I saw this story reported on our local news today and I thought I would share it with you all. It's about time we all treated each other like we would our loved ones, when you get down to it, we are all the same, and made out of the same stuff. Wars and disagreements are born from believing that somehow we are different. Information on how to help is listed at the bottom of the article.

Sick girl seeks help to pay clinic

Mayo Clinic can treat rare disease: mother

For more than three years, Sandrine Garceran was hooked on television medical shows -- not because she was a fan; she felt she had to watch them.

For three and a half years, Garceran watched a number of medical-mystery programs, hoping to solve the mystery of her daughter's illness. Then, one day, while watching a show about hard-to- diagnose conditions, she found it.

"She came storming into my room. I thought the dog broke its leg or something, the way she was screaming," Emilie Mansour, 14, said of her mother's reaction that day.

Emilie suffers from erythromelalgia, a rare condition characterized by redness, increased temperature and burning pain that typically affect the extremities.

After a few years of not knowing what the problem was, Emilie was diagnosed in August 2008. The condition prevents her from doing things most young teenagers naturally take for granted.

Emilie can't climb trees or go horseback riding any more; she's home-schooled; she rarely leaves her bedroom.

The temperature at her Orillia home is always at 19.5 C. Her bedroom is even cooler.

When asked Friday in her living room how she was feeling, she replied, "Can I go back to my room now?"

Once in her room, she gets on the computer and practises for her eventual desired career: a computer animator, preferably with DreamWorks Animation.

Emilie went to Barrie last weekend for a hair appointment. Before then, she hadn't left the house since Boxing Day.

"I am depressed. You talk to anyone who has this and they're on antidepressants," said Emilie, who is on an adult dose of Prozac. "And it still doesn't help, sometimes."

Her changing mood is reflected in her work.

"This was one of my bad days," she said as she opened a digitally illustrated snarling wolf, highly detailed. The next illustration she showed was a unicorn against a starry night sky.

Emilie would spend most of her time outside if she could. People with erythromelalgia are warned against too much exercise, as it exacerbates flare-ups, Garceran noted.

Garceran is reluctantly appealing to the public for help, as she has managed to set an appointment with a specialist in Rochester, Minn., at the Mayo Clinic.

Overall, Garceran said the bill, including travel and accommodation, will be $17,000. The family has little more than a month to raise the money. The appointment is set for Feb. 24.

If the money isn't raised in time, they will set another appointment and keep fundraising, but Garceran has been told it could be another six months to a year before Emilie can get another appointment.

"She's been suffering so long, and we've finally got the chance to see a specialist who knows (about Emilie's condition); it's just, he's not in this country," she said. "If we don't go in February, it's going to be a hard hit for her, not only physically, but also mentally."

The plea is a bit of a turnaround for the family, which runs the nonprofit organization Kids "Can" Help Kids. They collect cans, bottles and cash donations, and the money is used to help cover medical costs for children of families who can't afford the treatment.

Emilie also suffers from Raynaud's disease -- described on the Mayo Clinic's website as "a condition that causes some areas of your body -- such as your fingers, toes, tip of your nose and your ears -- to feel numb and cool in response to cold temperatures or stress."

Garceran, a single parent, also has Raynaud's, along with her mother, and Garceran said she's starting to show symptoms of erythromelalgia.

Her other daughter, nine-year-old Chloe, suffers from polyarticular juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

"I get behind on my bills and I don't ask for anything," Garceran said. "But it's my child. Now, I have to."

A trust fund has been set up at TD Bank's West Ridge branch. The branch number is 3170. The account number is 6327695.

Also, to donate or to obtain more information, contact Garceran at 326-7115. Garceran is also looking for businesses that will display posters.

For more information on erythromelalgia, visit

Upon returning from the Mayo Clinic, Garceran hopes to use Emilie's situation to better educate both the public and medical professionals in Canada.
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Those of you who know me a little better than my presence here on Deviant Art would know that I feel strongly about attempting to buy all natural products, products that don't test on animals and when I can afford it organic products. My research for a project last year really opened my eyes to the cosmetic industry and just how much harmful crap goes into products that we (women mostly) willingly slap on our skin on a daily basis. As such, I'm always actively trying to learn more about organic and natural products as well as the stuff that goes into the none natural stuff.
Recently, more and more companies are jumping on the band wagon of going all natural - which is great, don't get me wrong but I thought I would quote some information I found in a recent magazine all about organic cosmetics and how to live green etc, as there are certain terms that can be used that imply natural ingredients when really there is very little at all.

The following text is from the first issue of Organic Beauty magazine:

Cosmetic companies throw a lot of terms on their labels to convince you that they're the cleanest and the greenest. Here's how to decode the hype:
100% Organic
The USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture, which sets the standard for how organic ingredients are grown and certified) says that these products "must contain only organically produced ingredients" -- This is the gold standard in purity - almost impossible to find.

USDA Organic
These products may display the USDA organic seal and must contain at least 95% organically produced ingredients. The rest of the ingredient list has to be "nonagricultural" ingredients approved for use by the FDA, or non-organic plants that aren't commercially available in an organic form. This is a pretty good guarantee, as a company that is working that hard to find organic ingredients is probably also closely vetting its synthetic ingredient choices.

Made with Organic Ingredients
USDA says that products bearing this phrase must contain at least 70% organic ingrediets but must not display the organic seal. This is where you can run into problems: A body lotion may say "made if organic herbs" - but what does the other 30 percent of the product contain?

Less that 70% Organic Ingredients
These products cannot use the term "organic" anywhere on the main label, but they can identify any specific ingredients that have been organically produced in the ingredient list.

There's no federal regulation behind this term, so even products that are 99% synthetic chemicals can claim it

For a product to be labeled "hypoallergenic", all a company has to do is avoid using a handful of the most common known allergens. But they can use any number of ingredients that haven't been studied for their allergy-causing potential, and they are not required to test the product (on animals or humans) before it hits store shelves to prove it won't give you any kind of reaction

The last 2 really blow my mind and that is why I wanted to share this with you, I've always wondered what this "Hypoallergenic" word means and regarded its use with some cynicism - turned out I was right to. So a company can legally not test to make sure that their product is safe for you to use on a daily basis and not only that but give customers the impression that it is some how more gentle and formulated for sensitive skin.

A couple of 100 years ago they used to use mercury and other harmful chemicals to whiten their skin, thinking it was safe to do so - now we know that they were wrong - in another 100 years or maybe less - how many of us will start to see the adverse effects of all the chemicals poured into these products for the sake of beauty?

Anyway, I'm getting off my soap box here, I'm not trying to convince anyone to go all natural or organic, I just wanted to share this information so that hopefully more people will be able to buy products and look at them with a clear understanding of what is going into them.

I'd love to hear your comments and opinions on this matter.
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I'm absolutely enthralled by this video shown on one of the blogs I suscribe to. It is just beautiful and incredible how they did it, please take a look.…
Be sure to watch the HD version for full appreciation.
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Well, I did the disastrous thing of spilling coffee all over my Wacom this holiday. I am really pissed off with myself to say the least. It no longer works - the lights are on but no-one's home, and I now appreciate how much I relied on the thing now I don't have it. What's worse is that I thought for the time being that I would simply use my aunt's smaller one which she no longer uses, but the pen doesn't work on that one either, so I'm stuck with either my trackpad or mouse, which means no digital painting or doing anything half way decent in photoshop with out getting carpal tunnel.

Anyone invented a time machine yet cos I would just love to go back in time right now...

This weeks Favs
Dunwich Heath. by Wayne4585:thumb107049275:Junco by rscorp:thumb106851914::thumb99422109:Mystical Light by minlieThe Big Dipper's pleasures.. by tisbone:thumb71723022:to loraine by bondangail
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My aunt lost one of her dogs today. She passed away unexpectedly early in the morning before we got up.
Her name was Vaya and she will be sorely missed.
Here's a little sketch I did of her a while back:

She was always quiet, gentle and aloof and loved nothing more than lounging around on a comfy sofa. She did however, have quite the tonal range when the pack starts howling when one of us leaves, somehow I don't think any of the others will reach her higher notes.