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Those of you who know me a little better than my presence here on Deviant Art would know that I feel strongly about attempting to buy all natural products, products that don't test on animals and when I can afford it organic products. My research for a project last year really opened my eyes to the cosmetic industry and just how much harmful crap goes into products that we (women mostly) willingly slap on our skin on a daily basis. As such, I'm always actively trying to learn more about organic and natural products as well as the stuff that goes into the none natural stuff.
Recently, more and more companies are jumping on the band wagon of going all natural - which is great, don't get me wrong but I thought I would quote some information I found in a recent magazine all about organic cosmetics and how to live green etc, as there are certain terms that can be used that imply natural ingredients when really there is very little at all.

The following text is from the first issue of Organic Beauty magazine:

Cosmetic companies throw a lot of terms on their labels to convince you that they're the cleanest and the greenest. Here's how to decode the hype:
100% Organic
The USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture, which sets the standard for how organic ingredients are grown and certified) says that these products "must contain only organically produced ingredients" -- This is the gold standard in purity - almost impossible to find.

USDA Organic
These products may display the USDA organic seal and must contain at least 95% organically produced ingredients. The rest of the ingredient list has to be "nonagricultural" ingredients approved for use by the FDA, or non-organic plants that aren't commercially available in an organic form. This is a pretty good guarantee, as a company that is working that hard to find organic ingredients is probably also closely vetting its synthetic ingredient choices.

Made with Organic Ingredients
USDA says that products bearing this phrase must contain at least 70% organic ingrediets but must not display the organic seal. This is where you can run into problems: A body lotion may say "made if organic herbs" - but what does the other 30 percent of the product contain?

Less that 70% Organic Ingredients
These products cannot use the term "organic" anywhere on the main label, but they can identify any specific ingredients that have been organically produced in the ingredient list.

There's no federal regulation behind this term, so even products that are 99% synthetic chemicals can claim it

For a product to be labeled "hypoallergenic", all a company has to do is avoid using a handful of the most common known allergens. But they can use any number of ingredients that haven't been studied for their allergy-causing potential, and they are not required to test the product (on animals or humans) before it hits store shelves to prove it won't give you any kind of reaction

The last 2 really blow my mind and that is why I wanted to share this with you, I've always wondered what this "Hypoallergenic" word means and regarded its use with some cynicism - turned out I was right to. So a company can legally not test to make sure that their product is safe for you to use on a daily basis and not only that but give customers the impression that it is some how more gentle and formulated for sensitive skin.

A couple of 100 years ago they used to use mercury and other harmful chemicals to whiten their skin, thinking it was safe to do so - now we know that they were wrong - in another 100 years or maybe less - how many of us will start to see the adverse effects of all the chemicals poured into these products for the sake of beauty?

Anyway, I'm getting off my soap box here, I'm not trying to convince anyone to go all natural or organic, I just wanted to share this information so that hopefully more people will be able to buy products and look at them with a clear understanding of what is going into them.

I'd love to hear your comments and opinions on this matter.
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FunkyLilith Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2009
And this is why I use Lush products. Their philosophy behind green life and natural products is spotless and as I am myself delving into aromatherapy I can recognise the quality of their products.
I still don't understand what the need for synthetic by-products is when we known and always have known how to use plants and natural ingredients and how it is so much better for our health.
Did the industrial revolution turn us into morons? Did the steam get into our brains and turn it into mush?
We're lacking common sense here and are willing to accept anything without a second thought. I'm up there with you on your soapbox Jenny!
Jezhawk Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
yes, yes, yes, I totally agree. Lush products are excellent, I love their work and their products :nod:
sandyprints Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2009
Good on you.
hay have you heard what is going on over here? The banks are now offering guidance with how to make your money go further.. like switch off lights at home,turn heating down, look for best buys and stuff.. they seem to think, now is the only time we need this advice! and i think WHO was it that caused all this hardship in the first place????? The banks.. they couldn't manage our money why would they think they can tell us how to manage on less!!
Is it me.???
Jezhawk Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
no it's not just you, it's ironic that's what it is. They seem to treat society like gullible kids, and everyone seems quite happy to run along with it. Ho hum.
JacquiJax Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2009
WEll i keep thinking that all in this life most be dont in some balance..
i dont use makeup since i dont like it and im allergic (i have very sensitive skin in all my body.. and dry) so.. when i use is (cuz common! society makes u!) that is on weddings and more i use hypoallergenic and i still dont like it!

in fact i can tell u that many people thinks that im younger and i think that is because i dont use makeup! my skin looks a lot better than others..!

Thanks for sharing all those interesting facts hon :hug: :D
Jezhawk Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
I totally agree, everything should be done in balance. Thus - when I eat a big honking greasy fry up - I go to the gym the next day and work it off, I mean it doesn't take a genius to figure that out! And the same with make-up and what not. I always look forward to the summer when I can get plenty of sun on my skin and it feels great. Plus a lot of it comes down to what you eat and how much exercise you do - that makes a huge difference too.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts :D
JacquiJax Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2009
so true! LOL
:hug: :D
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